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By engaging with Kis Creative, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions.


For Project-Based works: Fifty percent (50%) payment is required prior to the commencement of work, with the remaining fifty percent (50%) due before handover of assets or completed works.

For Ongoing Retainer arrangements: Direct debit payment method will be established and will occur monthly for payment of retainer rate for the duration of the agreement.

For Casual Specialist per-hour services (ie Graphic Design, Consultancy etc): unless otherwise quoted, is charged at our Causal consult rate on a per hour basis and charged in 15-minute increments and invoiced with a seven (&) day payment period.

New work, additions or changes may not be delivered if payment terms have not been met. On resolution of outstanding payments work will (re)commence. Delay to delivery timelines due to failure to make payment are not the responsibility of Kis Creative.

Kis Creative reserves there right to suspend services for Retainer works if payment terms have not been met. A recommencement fee may apply if a significant period has lapsed due to non-payment.

A rush fee may be chargeable for urgent works requiring completion outside of normal timeframes, any associated fees will be discussed prior to agreement of works.

You agree to providing Kis Creative with the required payment details and methods to secure products and services supplied by external providers on your behalf.

These payment terms apply unless a variation is otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Flexible payment plans may be arranged to accommodate your budgeting needs.

In line with CPI, an increase will be applied to all recurring retainer and packaged products from July each year. This condition does not apply to quoted casual and/or fixed rate project work.

Stationery & Printing

Stationery Orders: Templates are provided to third-party suppliers to populate with names and client specific information, unless otherwise agreed.

Email Signature Styling: Email signature styling is provided in JPEG or PNG format; this does not include publishing on individual computers and email accounts.

Printing Services: Printing can be organised by Kis Creative, with 75% payment required at the time of order and the remaining 25% upon


Full payment (100%) is required at the time of placing a merchandise order.

Social Media

Marketing and Social Media Management: is an ongoing contract for a minimum of six (6) months. Either party may request changes to the package with a minimum of one (1) month notice in writing.

Facebook & Instagram (Meta) Connection: are required to be connected to support shared activity between these platforms. Failure to connect these platforms, requiring Kis Creative to manage connection may result in a fee for set up of connection.

Social Media Approval Process: Social Media schedules are distributed a minimum of 7 days prior to scheduling commencement date. Unless changes are requested within 2 business days of the schedule commencement date, posting will proceed as per provided schedule. Urgent social media requests must be sent to vip@kiscreative.com.au by 2pm (business days only) for same day posting.

Content generated and published to social media platforms on your behalf will not be provided as graphic design and/or content assets or as packaged raw material.


All relevant social media platforms and website passwords must be provided to Kis Creative as required. Failure to provide passwords may result in a fee for password recovery.

A delay in providing necessary passwords may impact the commencement of works and impede agreed delivery timelines. Kis Creative is not responsible for such delays.


Hosting and Domain: Kis Creative will manage the setup of hosting and domain name for your website with a reputable external provider on your behalf, as needed. On establishment of this hosting and domain relationship any recurrent annual fees will be between you and the provider, and independent of Kis Creative.

Plugins: Functionality requirements may necessitate the use of plugins, which will be quoted and agreed upon by you prior to installation.

All associated subscriptions and charges for external providers for website support services and/or products will be between you and the provider and independent of Kis Creative.

A maximum of two round of revision prior to website completion is included in your quote. If no changes/revision are received within 30 days of the presentation of the final draft, the website will be considered complete.

Final payment is required prior to your website going live and website credentials being released.

Any changes/revision required following final publishing of your website will be charged at the standard casual website editing hourly rate and charged in 15-minute increments.

All changes to hosting arrangement are managed between you and your hosting provider independent of Kis Creative.

Email Setup

Kis Creative provides email setup services, utilising a third-party provider for email hosting. An annual email hosting fee is applicable per email address.

Kis Creative will assist with the initial establishment of this service and associated subscriptions and payment requirements will be between you and the provider and independent of Kis Creative.

Kis Creative provides email set up services to support your marketing and will therefore liaise with the provider on your behalf for the initial set up of all agreed email accounts.

Kis Creative is not an IT company and therefore will not provide detailed technical IT assistance or support for your emails post the establishment phase.


Creative Design: To fulfil your requirements, stock images may be utilised. Should stock images be necessary you may incur further costs. Your confirmation and approval will be sought prior to any purchase of such images.

Scope of Work

Kis Creative takes every care to ensure all scoping specifications provided by you are accurately reflected in the proposal, however ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure details have been adequately captured to meet your requirements.

Changes to the agreed scope of work may necessitate a new proposal/quote or additional charges. This will be agreed by you prior to additional or alternate work commencing.

Release and Reuse

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all work undertaken by Kis Creative may be utilised for promotional purposes, with the copyright, intellectual property, processes, and working assets for all materials produced remaining with Kis Creative.

Kis Creative will provide final assets to you during the term of our service relationship. A request for additional or bulk supply of assets may incur additional charges.

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Published March 2024